The Moo G. Moon Education Center is a multipurpose facility for meetings, seminars, continuing education, trainings, classes, receptions, and workshops.  We also offer for rental rooms for table work, therapy sessions, or small exercise groups. 

Space is competitively priced and can accommodate up to 50 people.  There are four rooms.  1.  Class Room One is 15’x14’.  It has four hookups for vacuum and air.  2.  Class Room Two is 11’x14’ and is a conference room with a table that can seat 10 people.  It also has a 46 inch flat screen monitor with surround sound.  3.  Class Room Three is 16’x13’.  4.  Class Room Four is 17’x14’ with a ceiling projector and a seven foot wall mounted projector screen.  All rooms are wheelchair accessible.  Chairs and tables and use of the kitchenette are included in the rental at no extra cost. 

You can reserve your room by the hour, half day or day, and we’ll configure it to your specifications.  Our professional staff is prepared to speak with you and to assist you in reserving a room for your next event.  We look forward to meeting with you and making your rental arrangement successful.  If you are interested in attending any of the events that are scheduled, please go to NEWS AND EVENTS for upcoming events.

Please contact Camella Walraven for more information.  (720) 877 5006.
Her email address is moogmoon@comcast.net.